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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Vancouver search engine optimization team delivers powerful results for clients all over the world using the latest techniques…

Search engines and commerce are no longer just friends. They’re lovers, and the honeymoon’s just getting started. Nearly every purchase made involves search engines. They’re used to find not just retailers, but also reviews, product specs, and social opportunities. Search engines are dominant, and any successful marketing strategy will treat optimization as the first duty.

The image of SEO has been tarnished by several generations of amateurs and con artists. However, that doesn’t change the fact that getting on the good side of a search engine is the only way that you make anything happen. Real optimization—not the kind your nephew sells from his basement (I am sure he means well)—is what we offer.

Our Vancouver SEO company is committed to always offering the most advanced services to clients throughout the world.

The Game Explained

Of course, real SEO can’t be condensed into a set of “neat tricks”. In providing SEO in Canada and throughout the world, we’ve discovered what makes a difference. Successful strategies are those that seep into and surround everything your business does online. The SEO services our Vancouver team offers takes a universal approach.

It starts with an audit of everything. We’ll tell you where you’re going right, and where you’re digging your own early grave. After we’ve narrowed down the weak spots, we’ll put our people in place, and set the machine in motion. Our aim is to create:

The Architecture that Enables

We look behind the facade of your website, into the shadows and machinery that govern your success in so many subtle ways. In every way we find your website is frustrating search engines or users, our SEO agency in Vancouver recommends and implement the most powerful solutions. It’s just another way our services go beyond what anyone else does.

The Links that Attract

Links are not a minor concern. These double-edged swords deliver both the potential for real results, and the threat of devastation if you run afoul of Google’s iron law. The high-quality and contextual links we deliver offer a path to SERP domination that’s both safe and powerful. Our strategies can bring sites destroyed by Penguin back from the brink.

The Content that Converts

You don’t win when visitors show up on your site. You win when they buy. Making them take the next step requires content that engages and educates real people. We can build that. Burned by bad content in the past? Our quality content helps your website recover from damage caused by Panda.

The Research that Perfects

We don’t stop when we’ve found a strategy that works. Every month is a constant effort to improve your website and everything that depends on it. That means constant keyword updates and improvements. Our keyword and strategy research keeps you on the bleeding edge.

Measurement that Means Something

We know that having good rankings and quality traffic go a long way to meeting your goals. But what are your goals? What indicates progress? Has anyone stopped to ask? Taken the time early on to set goals, implement tracking and discuss how you will measure going forward? Our SEO agency in Vancouver starts with these questions and builds a strategy around it.

If you care about money, then our managers, without frisking you and searching your wallet (no guarantees), aim to pinpoint exactly how much money we are putting in your pocket every month. We will explore customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, churn rates, and more. You know, stuff that means something.

Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.

I built a company from nil to a mil in a little over a year. 3 years later, we are a multi-million dollar company. The Magistrate's nimble, creative and ROI focused campaigns gave a new business, and now successful one a fighting chance.
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