The strongest strategies always involve the most risk. We have the experience to harness the raw power of PPC for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our Vancouver PPC team delivers dominant strategies to clients all over the world…

We’ve been managing search engine marketing in Vancouver for many years, and PPC has been part of our services since the beginning.

It’s a powerful tool in the right circumstances, sort of like a loaded gun. Using either one, you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot. Many inexperienced teams treat it as a panacea, without regard for how very temporary and expensive the effects can be. We develop strategies with an understanding of the hard limits of this technique, and where it has the best potential to deliver the explosive results that only PPC can.  

There’s no reason to be afraid of a little power, after all—especially when it’s proven to be so effective in the hands of our experienced pros.  Harness this power, with:

Unparalleled Analysis

What started as a mastery of Vancouver PPC has now expanded to cover the globe. Each city and region can be targeted with precision through the trends revealed by our research. Every campaign starts with an exhaustive analysis of your business. Our Vancouver Google adwords team uses powerful tools to separate and exploit the best terms for your campaign.

We focus on what offers you the best balance of affordability and potential. We also analyze the keywords your competitors are using to find the best opportunities to dominate your niche.

Complete Campaign Management

New to PPC? We’re not, and we can handle each and every part. We’ll handle:

  • Ad creation
  • Adwords Buys
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Related Services

Ad campaigning is not a passive activity, and we don’t consider our job done when your ads are flung out into the world. They get the love and care they need in the form of constant updates to develop into a real force of nature.

Landing Page Optimization

The best ads can draw them in, but they can’t make your visitors stay. Keeping them around all comes back to your landing page, and that’s why we assess your landing page as part of our strategy. We’ll analyze the design and user experience of your landing page, and help you make it better.

Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.

I built a company from nil to a mil in a little over a year. 3 years later, we are a multi-million dollar company. The Magistrate's nimble, creative and ROI focused campaigns gave a new business, and now successful one a fighting chance.
Our Client