The neighborhood has your back. Few understand the power of local strategies as well as we do. Find out what that power can do for you.

Local SEO

Our Vancouver Local SEO team is available for businesses large and small all over the world…

SEO isn’t all about sneaking around search engines. Sometimes, it’s about giving them exactly what they want—and local content is what they want. We’ve known for years that this is one of the most powerful ways to climb the page. We started back when search engines were first secretly prioritizing these results. Now, we possess some of the most-tested-and-proven methods on the market.

Not all of our Local SEO strategies are advertised; call them “trade secrets”. What we can tell you about, we still do better than just about anyone else.

100% Manual Citations

Our local citation building starts with a proprietary database of high-authority directories for most countries and industries. Each one is built by hand to lower the risk of errors and bad information.

Not only do we maintain one of the most-curated collections of directories on the internet, we constantly research new options and alternatives. No citation building campaign will ever be alike. We constantly monitor the internet for directories with growing authority, and for new types of citation opportunities that develop.

Citation Cleanup

Anyone who has tried discount operations probably has dozens, or even hundreds of sloppy citations scattered across the web. They’re spammy, often filled with errors, and will cause constant problems for you and everyone trying to find your business. We hunt down these problems and repair the bad information—keeping your name, address and phone number consistent everywhere.

Talk to our Vancouver Local SEO team from wherever you are. We have the solutions you need.


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I built a company from nil to a mil in a little over a year. 3 years later, we are a multi-million dollar company. The Magistrate's nimble, creative and ROI focused campaigns gave a new business, and now successful one a fighting chance.
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