Case Study

Canadian General Contractors

National Renovations & Custom Home Builders

When Fares Elsabbagh moved to Vancouver in 2011, he had put together a small budget, a virtual office and a dream. He was to assemble to build the most successful general contractors group in Vancouver. Fares had never even swung a hammer. His ask of us was simple, help me get off the ground.

Vancouver General Contractors (VGC) Goals

The idea was, we (at the time just our founder) would handle the organic/local search part of the campaign, and Fares would tackle the paid search component. Fares needed us to get him in top positions for all terms related to home, kitchen, bath renovations, as well as general contractor keywords. Locally (Google Places as the time) and organically. And as a result, the phones needed to start to ring. Like yesterday, because his runway (cash left on hand) was short. If he was not able to be quickly cashflow positive, he would be swiftly returning to Ottawa, tail between legs.

What We Did

It was a very different time. Now well known rules, were guidelines at best. Writing in the lines isn’t part of our DNA, just as it isn’t now. We got creative, and created Google listings around the many services he offered. For example, we would title one “Kitchen Design in Vancouver, BC”, outfit it with a virtual number, a fake suite number in the office space Fares resided, and we were off to the races. We did this a few times over, until we dominated the SERPs in local search. Local search was easy back then, and we took advantage of its many shortcomings.

Later, in our attempt to take over the market, we created local landing pages for all the surrounding cities, which attracted searchers from communities we had left un touched. Before Fares knew it, he was doing jobs all over town.

This birthed a working relationship between our two companies that has stood the test of various Google updates, ups and downs, winds and turns. Today, Fares commands Canadian General Contractors, with franchises in Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and more to come and enjoy revenues in excess of 10mm.

522% increase in YoY conversions
446% increase in YoY organic traffic
$1MM in Revenue

"I wouldn't say this all wasn't possible without the help of The Magistrate, but as a partner, they have helped bring us unimaginable success. 4 years later, they continue to do the same."

Fares Elsabbagh, President of Canadian General Contractors

Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.

I built a company from nil to a mil in a little over a year. 3 years later, we are a multi-million dollar company. The Magistrate's nimble, creative and ROI focused campaigns gave a new business, and now successful one a fighting chance.
Our Client