6 Stunning Easy-to-Use Unbounce Themes for Your Business

It takes a strong designer and a custom focus to produce a WordPress landing page that converts well. If you’re strapped for cash or still unsure of your strategy however, you may want to do some experimenting first. Fortunately, WordPress is a community unto itself, and there are thousands of themes out there that can be had for free or low prices. Quality can be a problem when you’re using free options, so start your search with this curated list.

Even if you’re a beginner, these easy-to-use WordPress themes can help you understand the possibilities and limitations before you upgrade to a professional.

All in one


The form is likely to be the first thing to stand out to you on this page. It’s clean and has an appealing above-the-fold layout. This type of layout (named after the way newspapers place the most important front-page headlines above the line where the paper is folded), is one of the most popular ways to structure a landing page now, and widely considered a best practice.

Like any good landing page template, the design is strongly focused on conversion. The headline is large, centered and isolated. The capture form manages to be featured prominently without being obnoxious or distracting. It has excellent support for both trust signals and ever-more-popular video content.

This theme is also delightfully customizable. You’ll want a designer to pull out everything it has to offer, but due to the ease-of-use you’ll be able to have plenty of fun on your own without a lot of experience.



If your goal is to collect a lot of detailed prospect information, or want to showcase a specific product or service, this is a very effective landing page. Like the previous one, it has a refreshing and clean design, but enjoys some more advanced features.

Mobile-readiness is an important consideration, and this theme includes both a mobile and desktop version so that you can effortlessly customize or keep consistent your approach to both audiences. Your visitors will appreciate the parallax effect and smooth scrolling this theme offers.



This is a busier landing theme than our previous options, but I love it because of the plentiful features. The encapsulated form uses boxes to separate the page elements and make them more distinct from one another. The capture form in particular stands out very strongly, and the trust signals and hero section are also very well-defined.

There are supported sections for testimonials, video content, trust signals, and even comparison tables. A rare addition to this theme is a Frequently Asked Questions section that should be helpful when building out content for your visitors.



This landing page was designed for the medical industry, and could make a great starter page for a dentist, optometrist or cosmetic surgeon. There’s room to include a lot of information without ruining the look of the page or the flow of the sections. Particular attention was paid to the capture form, which allows visitors to use it for different purposes like booking a consultation or requesting a quote.

This lander includes a testimonials section along with the FAQ section, so there’s plenty of room to pack on the trust signals.



This one is known for being particularly easy to use and customize, but that doesn’t mean it’s a slouch at the advertising game. The form really stands out on this page, and it can be shifted into several different positions depending on what works best for your featured content. The forms “pops out” from the top section, ensuring it gets maximum attention from all visitors.

Additional features include large testimonials with room for pictures, a pricing table for your products or services and a FAQ section.



You can probably tell by now that I love a good encapsulated form. This is another landing page that features an excellent one, but that may not be the first thing you notice about it. The sharp design is usually the first thing to catch the eye. After that, you’ll probably the trendy parallax layout and the large, gorgeous CTAs.

The testimonial section is arranged just before the final CTA to keep trust high to the end.

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