The world is not as chaotic as it appears. Even the nastiest knots can give way with the tug of just one string. Knowing which string to pull is what we do here at...


From our base in Vancouver, Digital Marketing is being redefined…

The game has changed. Matured. No doubt, there are still digital marketing agencies out there racing from trick-to-trick, hoping they can cash out before Google brings the hammer down on their clients. Even more are still using the shotgun approach: Do everything you can cram onto the invoice and hope some of it sticks. How about a third option?

Powerful Results & Ruthless Efficiency

Quality comes at a price, but it might not be as high as you think. We don’t waste your money, because we don’t waste our time. Every one of our powerful services has been torn down to the most necessary, tested, and successful parts. You won’t see bloat in our operations, or our bill.

Our Client

Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.

What I needed was less so an internet marketing company and more a partner. In this team, I found that. Our company does 3bn in annual revenue, so even with an in house marketing staff, we are swamped. Not only has The Magistrate enabled me to get back to what I do best, but our Year over Year stats are very impressive.

Search Marketing and SEO

Rankings matter. Every day you’re not on the first page is a day you’re losing sales. Our SEO agency can help you get there with a three-pronged strategy that renovates your current SEO strategy and supplements it with our Proven Local SEO and Paid Search Marketing. The combination delivers explosive results.  

Of course, Google isn’t your customer and they aren’t our real focus. Our focus is on what delivers profits for you. Real leads, and visitors who arrive chomping at the bit to buy. Every part of our process is designed to engage people, not just search engines. Read More

Reputation Management

Some talk isn’t cheap at all. In fact, it can be very expensive for your business. If you’re being badmouthed high up on the front page, you need to do something about it immediately. There are different ways to approach this problem, and our SEO company in Vancouver has privately developed several that can be used to powerful effect. Learn more.

Web Design and Development

Like the suit? Our tailor is in-house. Web design must be part of a marketing strategy, because no advertising in the world can save a site that immediately turns visitors off. We’ve developed websites in many different styles for our clients. Find out what an advantage it is to have your design strategy perfectly integrated into the SEO strategy delivered by your marketing company, See our work.

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